European Spring is a coalition comprised of national, regional and municipal political forces from across the continent assembled with a view to bring about change and reconstruct the European Union – bottom-up, transnationally.

United by a commonly-agreed agenda for Europe, European Spring's ultimate aim is to oppose and disobey the Brussels’ status quo and failed policies, which are tearing the EU apart, and to constructively rebuild a democratic Europeanist project, namely: our transnational list, spitzenkandidat, and policy programme.

We are uniquely positioned to make this happen. We can choose to be the standard-bearer for a true Union, improving the lives of millions and repairing our democracies, or resist the change and fall further under the dystopian dogma of “There Is No Alternative”. Or we can join those who believe that we must return to our past to fulfil our promise as individual nation-states.

European Spring will participate in the European Parliament elections in 2019 - our coalition's first step to take our Europe back and give a direct voice to its peoples in re-shaping the common project that governs their lives.

Our Program

A New Deal for Europe

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Read our beta program, which is now subject to amendments by all members: Summary or Full Program. Send us your amendments by email.

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Latest News

The latest press releases by European Spring. Also check out the participating parties' websites.

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Participating Organisations

European Spring aims to have partners all over Europe in time for the elections 2019. While it is still early, these movements and parties are with us today:

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